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Express Facial– A mini-facial treatment customized to your skin type. Relaxing and refreshing! Your skin will feel clean and rejuvenated.
25 Minute Session, $60

Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment - This deep cleansing treatment is customized to your skin type and includes gentle exfoliation, extractions and masque to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. Includes a hand and arm massage.
50 Minute Session, $100

Aromatherapy Facial Treatment - Aromatic oils are specifically chosen according to your skin type and mood. This facial includes gentle exfoliation, relaxing facial massage and a re-hydrating masque to nourish and soften the skin. Includes a hand and arm massage.
50 Minute Session, $105

Jet Lag Facial – This facial treatment deeply hydrates, replenishes and nourishes, while eliminating any puffiness. An oxygenating ampoule is applied to balance the skin. Includes a hand and arm massage.
50 Minute Session, $105

Acne Facial – A specialized deep cleansing facial designed specifically for treatment of mild to severe acne-prone skin. Helps to reduce redness and breakouts. Includes extractions and an enzyme peel.
60 Minute Session, $115

The Marengo Anti-aging Facial Treatment – A unique treatment to provide deep hydration and a vibrant glow. After gentle cleansing and exfoliation, an ampoule rich in vitamins is applied. This is followed by a relaxing facial massage and special hydrating masque, leaving the skin moist, hydrated and radiant. Especially recommended for deeply dehydrated, sun damaged or stressed skin. Includes hand and arm massage and heated hand treatment.
80 Minute Session, $165

Gentleman's Face Treatment – This nourishing facial is designed for the special needs of our gentlemen guest – less fragrance and deeper hydration to counter the drying effects of shaving. Includes exfoliation, extractions and masque. Includes a hand and arm massage.
50 Minute Session, $90

Purifying Back Treatment – A deep cleansing treatment with exfoliation, steam, extractions and a purifying masque to promote a smoother texture for the skin. Can be done on its own or in combination with any facial.
25 Minute Session, $60

Facial Add-Ons:

Collagen Eye Masque $10
Collagen Face Masque $25
Lactic Peel $30
Glycolic Peel $30
Acne Peel $30
Lightening Peel $30


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Marengo Luxury Spa, 401 Euclid Avenue, Suite 135, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Phone: 216-621-4600

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